Friday, 28 December 2012

abbrevation for Some Important Terms In Computer Hardware

SMPS - Switch Mode Power Supply.
FDD-Floppy Disk Drive.
HDD-Hard Disk Drive.
RAM-Random Access Memory.
ROM-Read only Memory.
RTC-Real Time Clock.
BIOS-Basic Input Output Systems.
SIMM-Single Inline Memory Module.
DIMM-Dual Inline Memory Module.
RIMM-Rambus Inline Memory Module.
ISA-Industry Standard Architecture.
EISA-Extended Industry Standard Architecture.
MCA-Micro Channel Architecture.
VESA-Video Electronic Standard Association.
AGP-Accelerated Graphics Port.
USB-Universal Serial Bus.
CISC-Complex Instruction Set Computer.
RISC-Reduced Instruction Set Computer.
IDE-Integrated Drive Electronics.
EIDE-Extended Integrated Drive Electronics.
SCSI-Small Computer System Interface.
FAT-File Allocation Table.
CD-Compact Disk.
DVD-Digital Versatile Disk.

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