Monday 19 November 2012

What is Meant by Decoder?



What is meant by Decoder?
A Decoder is similar to a demultiplexer except data input.A Decoder is a combinational circuit which converts binary information from n input lines to maximum of 2n unique output lines.

Applications of Decoder 
-Decoder is used in wireless remote control system
-Microprocessor Memory System.
-Memory Chips
-Microprocessor input/output system.
and etc......

 The circuit Diagram of 1 of 8 Decoder is as shown below.

It consist of 3 input lines ,8 output lines.It also called 3 to 8 Decoder.8 getes are connected at the output side of decoder.In that 8 Gates any one gate enable at the time.for example if the value of ZYX is 001,the output D1 will be high other will be low generating a 8bit code 01000000.the truth table of the 3 to 8 decoder is as shown below.

The 3 to 8 Decoder circuit can also be used as binary to octal decoder.


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