Monday 7 January 2013

Introduction to Operational Amplifier Linear Integrated Circuits One Mark Questions

An linear (analog) IC performs amplification or other liner operation on signals. Hence it is also known as linear IC. Digital IC performs the circuit function by dealing with discrete quantities. i.e. integer or  fractional number . In digital IC, the information is represented by binary digits.

What is Op-amp?      
           An operational amplifier is a direct  coupled high gain negative feedback amplifier. It can amplify the signals having the frequency range from 0Hz to 1MHz. It is a basic Linear integrated circuit.      

Define input off-set Voltage?      
        This is the input voltage which must be applied between the input terminals to obtain zero output voltage.  
Define CMRR?      
          CMRR is the ratio of differential Voltage gain (Ad) to the Common mode voltage gain(Acm)
CMRR =       -----
What is Virtual Ground?      
           The differential input Voltage is ideally zero, that is the voltage at the inverting terminal (V1) is approximately equal to that at the non inverting terminal (V2) . That means , the inverting terminal is not directly conneted to ground , but it acts like a ground terminal. Therefore the inverting terminal is said to be at virtual ground. 
Draw the symbol of op-amp?   
Define input bias current      
     Input bias current is the average of the currents that flow into the inverting and non-inverting input terminals of a balanced operational amplifier.   
What is sign changer?      
      A Circuit which produces an output signal with the same magnitude of the input signal but out of phase is called sign changer.  
What is IC?      
     The integrated circuit (IC) is a miniature, low cost electronic circuit consisting of active and passive components, they are joined together on a signal crystal chip of silicon. Most of the components used in ICs are not similar to conventional components in appearance. But they perform similar electronic functions. The main Components used to manufacture ICs are diode, transistor, MOSFET, resistors and capacitors.   
How is IC Classified according to their function?      
Linear ICs, and
 Digital ICs      

Mention any two advantage of IC Over discrete Components.      
Practically the size of an IC is thousands of times smaller than the discrete  circuits , which increases the equipments density.
As the number of components are fabricated on a single silicon water , the weight of IC is very low.
ICs operates at low voltage . The Power Consumption of Ics is very Low.
Mention any two types of IC Packages      
        SSOOP - Shrunk small outline package
        TQFP    - Thin Quad Flat Pack
        ZIP        - Zig - Zig in line package 
Mention any two characteristics of ideal op-amp.      
High input impedance , Ri = a.
Low input impedance , Ro = 0
High voltage gain  ,Av = a.   

Mention  the Pin  numbers 2 and 3 op-amp IC 741.      
Pin No 1:   off-set null balance
Pin No 2:   Inverting input
Pin No 3:   Non- Inverting input
Pin No 4:   Negative Supply
Pin No 5:   off-set null balance
Pin No 6:   Output
Pin No 7:   Positive Supply
Pin No 8:   No connection  
What is Inverting Amplifier?      
        Out Voltage is 1800  Phase shift of input   

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