Sunday 28 October 2012

Some Names dont Want to forgot

1.Who is called as father genitics ?
Ans : Gregor Johann Mendel [Gregor Mendel].

2.Who Developed the Theory of Relativity?
Ans : Albert Einstein.

3.Who is  Called as Father of Modern Physics?
Ans : Albert Einstein.

4. Who invented radio?
Ans : Gugliegmo Marconi.

5. Who invented Television?
Ans : Philo Farnsworth.

6.Who is the inventer of Radium ?
Ans : Marie Skłodowska-Curie [Marie Curie].

7.Who invented the refrigerator [Fridge]?
Ans : Oliver Evans and Jacob Perkins invented the "Practical Version".

8.Who invented the Computers ?
Ans :  Charles Babbage.

9.Who invented the Satellite?
Ans:Sputnik is the first satellite launched by Russia at 4th October 1957. Sputnik was invented by group of Russian Scientists.

10.Who Discovered Atom ?
Ans : John Dalton

11. Who invented the Computer Processor?
Ans :Raymond M. Holt.

12.Who Invented Food Processor?
Ans:Pierre Verdon.

13.What is the Name of First artificial earth sattellite?
Ans : Sputnik 1


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