Wednesday 31 October 2012

Parity Generator


 Parity Generator

What is Parity Generator ?
The cicuit which is used to generate parity bit is called as parity generator.

What is meant by Partiy Bit ?
Parity bits are extra signals Which are added to data like numbers,letters,words etc. inorder to enable error may occurs due to transients,noise and other disturbances.

Advantages of Parity Bit ?
Parity bit is used for the purpose of detecting errors during transmission of binary information.
Parity is used on communication links 

Basically They are two types of parity
  1. Even Parity 
  2. Odd Parity  
The Truth table for Parity Generator is Shown below.

The Parity bit can be easily generated using an EX-OR gates. The three bit Parity Generator circuit is shown below.

The even Parity Generator Circuit does not Contain the inverter gate .Parity bit is to be taken from the output of EX-OR gate.

Difference Between Odd Parity and Even Parity
In even parity the added parity bit will make the total number of 1’s an even amount and in odd parity the added parity bit will make the total number of 1’s an odd amount.

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