Wednesday 11 September 2013

Advanced Communication System : Tamil Nadu Polytechnic One Mark Question and Answers L-Scheme Syllabus



Radar and Navigational AIDS

What are the three co-ordinates required for radar to measure the target position?
The required three co-ordinates are:-
  • Range
  • Angle of azimuth
  • Elevation

What is duplexer?
In radar system for transmitting and receiving the signal from the target same antenna is used.
The antenna is seiched from transmit mode to receive mode by a device called duplexer.

Write down the maximum range max in radar system?
r max ={ptA02S/42Pmin}1/4
Pt=Peak value of the transmitted pulse power
A0=Capture area of the receiving antenna
S=Radar cross section area
Pmin=Minimum received

Digital Communication

What are the three types of equalizers?
  • Parametric equalizers
  • Graphic equalizers
  • Notch filters
What are the three variables in equalizers?
  • Frequency
  • Quality factor
  • Gain
What are the expansion of the ASCII code?
American Standard Code for Information Interchange

What is the code length of ASCII code? 
ASCII code has 7-boit+1 parity code.  Hence it has 8-bit length code.

Optical Communication

What is step index fiber? 
The refractive index of the core is uniform throughout and undergoes an abrupt change (or step) at the cladding boundary.  This is called Step-index fiber.
What is graded index fiber? 
The core refractive index is made to very as a function of the radial distance from the centre of the fiber.
What is the advantages of graded index fiber? 
The graded index fiber allows much larger bandwidths (data rate transmission capabilities) than the step index fiber.


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