Saturday 10 November 2012

Tamilnadu Polytechnic : ” Programming in C “ Practical All Programs With sample Output Updated


Course Name : Diploma in Computer Engineering
Subject Code : 24036
Semester : III Semester
Subject Title : ” Programming in C “ Practical.


1. Write a C Program to calculate Simple and Compound interest

2. Write a C Program to swap two variables using (i) third variable and (ii) without using a third variable.

3. Write a C Program to find the largest number between given three numbers.

4. Program to check whether the given string is palindrome or not.

5. Read a string, which consists of both lower case characters and upper case characters. Convert the lowercase character into upper case and vice versa. Display the new string.

6. Program to prepare the total marks for N students by reading the Regno,, Name, Mark1 to Mark6 by using array of structures. .

7. Write a function to calculate the sum and average of given three numbers. Write a main function to call the above function

8. Using pointers, find the length of the given string.

9. Write a program to print the address of a variable and increase the content by 5 and print the new value.


1. Read an integer number. Find the number of digits and sum of all individual digitsand also print the above number in reverse order.

2. Using Switch… Case Statement, print the given number into equivalent Word. ( For example if the input is 3, then the output should be THREE)

3. Write a program to find the factorial of a given number (i) Without recursion (ii) With recursion

4. Write a program to arrange the given N names in alphabetical order.

5. Write a program to read a string S1 from the terminal. Again read a string S2 from the terminal and check the given string S2 in the string S1. If it does, remove string S2 from the string S1 and print the updated string S1. ( For example S1 = Concatenate and S2 = cat , then the final result should be “Conenate”

6. Program to read ten values to an array variable. Use pointers to locate and display
each value.

7. Reverse the following using pointers ( i) String ( ii) N integer numbers stored in any

8. Write a C program to print the abbreviation of an Organization Name. ( For example if the input is “BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRONICS LIMITED” , then the output should be “BHEL”.)

9. Program to copy contents of one file to another file. Also find the number of characters, lines and words in the above file.


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